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PiXL Maths


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please note, this application is for PiXL school members only and you will need to get your school id from your teacher if your school is a member of the PiXL club.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The PiXL Maths App (PMA) is a skills based assessment program. The app successfully highlights your strengths and your areas to develop. This is a very useful and accurate tool to use prior to any test to help rank which revision topics are of the most importance.
The app is setup in such a way to guide you through a wide range of Mathematical topics. The PMA assesses generic skill based Mathematical knowledge; it therefore suitably matches the AQA, Edexcel or OCR schemes of learning.
INSTRUCTIONS:After installation, you are presented with a login screen. You will need to create your own account following the on screen instructions. Keep your login details safe as all future results will be stored under your account. This incredibly powerful tool then helps you to start identifying areas you need to revise. By answering each of the online questions, the app highlights the objectives you have successfully completed and which ones you will need to work on. After some targeted revision, you can then return back to the app to see if you have improved. With each access, the questions are refreshed so you can assess yourself with a similar problem but with different numbers.
To aid with closing the gap, therapy videos can be found within in question to help target specific skills.
Take a challenge - select your target grade and you will be given a bespoke program of questions to help you achieve it.
CONTENTS:The app covers the following range of topics:
Statistics and Number -1) Mean, mode, median and range2) Pictogram and tally tables3) Bar charts4) Probability5) Stem and leaf6) Two-way tables7) Scatter diagrams8) Percentages and ratio9) Pie charts10) Frequency polygons11) Cumulative frequency tables and graphs12) Box plots13) Histograms14) Upper and lower bounds
Number and Algebra -1) Operating with integers, decimals and directed numbers (negatives)2) Place value, BIDMAS and rounding3) Factors, multiples, HCF and LCM4) Indices and standard index form5) Surds6) Ratio and proportion7) Fractions, decimals and percentages8) Equations and simultaneous equations9) Quadratics - factorising and completing the square10) Sequences - inc. understanding of nth term rules11) Linear graphs - y = mx + c12) Real life graphs - speed, distance and time calculations13) Inequalities - inc. interpretation of graphical inequalitites14) Substituting into formulae15) Changing the subject / rearranging a formula
Geometry and Algebra -1) Properties of shapes - inc. angles on parallel lines, interior and exterior angles2) Circle theorems3) Congruence and similarity4) Area and perimeter5) Volume and surface area6) Transformations7) Vectors8) Direct and inverse proportion9) Bearings and measure - inc. approximations and metric/imperial conversions10) Algebraic manipulation and equations11) Pythagoras' theorem12) Trigonometry13) Trial and improvement14) Graph transformations15) Dimensional analysis16) Ratio and similarity17) Loci18) Nets, plans and elevations19) Real life graphs
SUPPORT:Before rating the app, please let me know of any suggestions you might have on how I might improve the app. Any topics you think I may have missed or you happen to perhaps find some glaring glitches, then please email me first at The app has taken a considerable amount of my personal time to develop so please give it 5 stars to say "thank you".